Link to web resources based on the syllabus of DIU

Web resources are the short navigation of online resources related to a department's particular subject.

Department: Real Estate (BRE)
Public Policy and Real Estate Market
Business Research Methods
Principles of Urban Policy
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Management
Business Statistics
Business Mathematics
Basic Mathematics
Socio-Economic Conditions in Bangladesh
Real Estate LawCenter
Real Estate Valuation Magazine
Appraisal and Valuation of Real Estate Properties
Real Estate Finance and Economics
Introduction to Real Estate
Industrial Electronics
Media Laws and Ethics
Reporting for Media
Department: Business Administration (BBA)
Human Resource Management
Principles of Managerial Finance
Introduction to Finance
Strategic Marketing
Introduction to Finance
Financial Risk Management
Marketing Research
Managerial Accounting
Business Statistics
Principles of Marketing
Financial Accounting
Principles of Accounting
Principles of Management
Programming Languages
Department: Business Administration (BBA), Real Estate (BRE)
Financial Management
Department: Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
Operating System Concepts
Structured Programming
The C++ Programming language
Programming in C
Structured Programming
Introduction to Programming Using Java
Java Data Structures
Data Structure and Algorithms in C++
Data Structures.
Industrial Management
Computer Network Security
Computer Networking
Department: Computing & Information System (CIS)
Journal of Bangladesh Studies
Electronic Devices & Circuit Theory
Programming in C
Introduction to Programming Using Java
Java Data Structures
Data Structure and Algorithms in C++
Data Structures
Industrial Management
Department: Computing & Information System (CIS), Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
Structured Programming
Computer Network Security
Department: Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Computing & Information System (CIS)
The C++ Programming Language
Electrical Circuits
C Programming
Department: Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering (ETE)
Digital Electronic
Electric Circuits
Wireless and Mobile Communication
Optical Fiber Communication
Digital Signal Processing
Journal of Numerical Analysis
Engineering Mathematics
Numerical Analysis
Department: Textile Engineering (TE)
Yarn Manufacturing Process
Department: Pharmacy (Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutical Marketing
Journal of the Pharmacology
Molecular Biology
Basic Human Anatomy
Journal of the Pharmacy
Department: Software Engineering (SWE)
Software Secuirity
Theory of Computing
System analysis & Design
Principle of Accounting
Operating System
Object oriented concept
Software Engineering Quality Assurance & Testing
Digital Electronics
Computer Algorithm
Introduction to Database
Statistics & Probabilities
Data Structures
Java Programming
Documentation of Software Engineering
Calculus and Differential Equations
Software Engineering
Software Requirement Analysis & Design
Introduction to Software Engineering
Department: Software Engineering (SWE), Computing & Information System (CIS)
Discrete Mathematics
Computer Fundamentals
Department: Environmental Science and Disaster Management (ESDM)
Geographic Information System
Fundamentals of Ecology
Physical Environment
Environmental Economics
Soil and Environment
Environmental Science & Management
Department: English (English)
Romantic Poetry
Macbeth: William Shakespeare
Metaphysical Poetry
Shakespeare: Comedy & Tragedy
American Literature: Novel & Drama
Introduction to western Philosophy
Seventeenth Century Literature
Introduction to Linguistics
History of English Literature
GMAT Review Vocabulary Text
Vocabulary Development and Usage
Department: LAW (law)
Administrative Law
Civil Procedure Code
Company Law
Law of Crime
Land Laws of Bangladesh
Labor and Industrial Law
Law of Transfer of Property
Law of Contract & Torts
Constitutional Law of Bangladesh
Legal History
Muslim law
Department: Journalism & Mass Communication (JMC)
Newspaper Design Skill
Audience Research
Media Economics and Management
Advanced Reporting for Media
Feature Writing
Broadcast Journalism
News Gathering
Concepts of Communication and Media
Concepts of Journalisms


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